El. supply systems

Multiconductor system

MULTICONDUCTOR system is intended for supply of electrical power to moving mechanisms. It is a rapidly mountable and a reliable system of high quality.

MULTICONDUCTOR system comprises of PVC cases, copper bands, current collectors, fastening and sealing parts.

  • 35A to 320A
  • -30°C to +80°C
  • IP23 to IP44
  • Collector speed up to 100 m/min.
  • Compact design
  • Safe
  • No expansion problems

PVC housings

PVC housings are manufactured of heat and cold resistant plastics having good mechanical qualities.

Copper bands

Copper bands are manufactured of different force ranging from 35A to 160A subject to the required capacity.

Current collectors

Current collectors are completed in accordance with the capacity and performance of selected bands.


All fittings are manufactured of high-quality steel, surface of the parts is galvanized.

Cable reels

Cable reels in galvanized or stainless steel, or with an epoxy coating.
Reel core provided with polyester coating as standard.
Available in very compact versions.
Special slip ring bodies for very small signals possible.
Many accessories for mounting and cable guiding available.

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