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Radio remote control

Radio remote controls give crane operators greater freedom of movement, allowing them to choose the position which gives the best view of their working area.

Load measurement systems

Universal load setting, evaluation and indication system. For systems with several hoists. It provides particularly exact measurements. Load may be displayed on control panel display or on a large load limiter display.

Anti-collision devices

ABUS anti-collision devices consist of photo-electric remote control system protecting cranes from an accidental collision. Possible functions optionally: braking or braking and final shut-down.

Cross - type limit switches

May be equipped both across and along under-crane track, at the end of which the crane or the hoist are slowed and stopped automatically. Also can be applied if the operation of crane and hoist must be limited at a forbidden working area.

Crane lighting systems

Highly efficient energy-saving LED lights. Effectively illuminates working space under the crane, avoiding the shadows normally cast by crane girders working beneath normal factory lighting.

Smooth starting unit

Smooth starting units and smooth switching relays are the ideal accessories for the smooth handling of sensitive loads and goods using pole-changing drive systems. Can be used separately for crane or trolley travel.


Nominal load
up to 5000 kg

push trolleys

Electric trolleys
speed up to 5/20 m/min

Flange widths
64 to 400 mm

Sturdy design with roller bearings, virtually no maintenance required, fitted with drop stop and wheel climb prevention lugs, high-quality standard drive system.

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