Production of industrial cranes, cranes service and modernization

JSC “Strele industrial” – professional and reliable new cranes, crane service and crane maintenance system. More than 20 years we design and manufacture industrial cranes that meets the highest standards. Lifting systems are designed and manufactured through advanced technology. We provide an efficient crane service in Lithuania and other Baltic states. Most suitable is for ones, looking for the highest standards of crane technical solutions.

Overhead and jib cranes


The biggest and main part of our product line is the new electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes, that are extensively used in warehouses, workshops and stock grounds of unloading or relocating heavy loads.

Smaller, but not less important – Jib cranes. While EOTs lets you cover entire production area – jibs, meanwhile, improves on supplying necessary lifting power on concentrated direct working areas. Performing work in teams unites the potentials of individuals to form a strong company.

Spare parts

We stand for quality and reliability – and that not only down to the smallest detail but also in our Customer support program.

Modern components of high-quality methods for control of cranes: increase the industrial capacity of crane, shorten servicing time of crane, improve operation performance and control of crane, extend operation period of crane.