All the loads handling equipment designed and made according to customer’s unique needs: double-girder cranes with the highest-level control technology ABUControl operated via radio remote controls and specialized electro-mechanical loads lifting / transporting equipment.

2 pcs. ABUS double girder EOT cranes, type ZLK:
  • 22 t (12.5 t / 12.5 t) x 23 m
  • lifting height up to 7 m
  • 100 m of the electric control system – closed conductors made by Wabtec Netherlands B.V.

Additional equipment: ABURemote radio remote control with joysticks, load sway control, stepless speeds controlled via frequency converters, micro speed for load lifting / lowering, hoist traveling and hoisting motions synchronization, load display in the transmitter of the radio remote control and LED matrix display at the main girder, maintenance walkaways along crane girder, etc.

2 pcs. Electro-mechanically operated telescopic load handling lifters made by Pfeifer (Germany):
  • 16.5 t
  • electrically rotatable cargo pads
  • electrically controlled span 1200 mm – 2200 mm
  • mechanically extendable telescopic load bearing beams 3000 mm – 6000 mm

Safety devices and additional equipment: load safety device to avoid the opening of gripping legs under load, grab legs movements prevention via light barriers to protect the sheet edges, mechanical and electrical limit switches, etc.

Exploitation: indoor.